Free Report on the Readjustment Needs of Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans

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An article in the most recent issue of the Marine Corps Times referenced a new report on assessing the readjustment needs of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The report is titled Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Assessment of Readjustment Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families, and is published by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The Marine Corps Times story linked to above bullet points some of the recommendations in the report. I haven’t had a chance to read the report yet, but wanted to share the find here for anyone else interested. Clicking on the graphic below will take you to the NAS website where you can read the report online in sections, or download it in PDF format.


Free Treatment Manual for War-Related PTSD

For any interested readers, I came across a free treatment manual for war-related PTSD. The manual was written by an active duty Navy psychologist who has experience providing services at a Combat Stress Control clinic in Camp Fallujah, Iraq. The manual is written for clients to use with a treatment provider, but it’s a good… Continue Reading

Moving Through the Hard Veins of Heavy Mountains

It’s possible I’m moving through the hard veins of heavy mountains, like the ore does, alone; I’m already so deep inside, I see no end in sight, and no distance: everything is getting near and everything getting near is turning to stone. I still can’t see very far yet into suffering, — so this vast… Continue Reading

Proud to be a Grunt

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army’s Flikr photostream Since I’ve been using the holiday break to do some planning of my masters thesis my reticular activating system has been pinging across the Interwebz for anything related to what my thesis work is going to be on. Rather than just splash the links of interest I… Continue Reading

Mine be a handful of ashes…

I discovered the following poem while doing some reading recommended to me for my thesis project idea(s): A Consecration Not of the princes and prelates with periwigged charioteers Riding triumphantly laureled to lap the fat of the years, Rather the scorned — the rejected — the men hemmed in with spears; The men in tattered… Continue Reading